Where: Stadsträdgården, see map


Close your eyes. In solitude or with others. Tell us what you see inside the fantastic and boundless world that is within you. What traces of childhood do you carry with you? What did you dream about as a child? And who are you today? This artwork is a tribute to you who dare to live as your inner child. To you who lift your gaze from the ground, up to the treetops. Look at the Eyegloria among the branches, and at the same time into yourself. 

The Eyegloria is a new, permanent work of light art that belongs to Uppsala municipality. The initiative for a permanent light art work in Stadsträdgården was presented in connection with Allt Ljus at Uppsala 2018 when the theme was the 100th anniversary of Ingmar Bergman’s birth. The artist was inspired by the child Bergman and how his abilities could be sensed at an early age. The child who when he became an adult continued to dream, fantasize and create stories. Welcome to the opening, Saturday 13 November at 17.00. 

Lighting design: Florence Hermansson