Where: Hamnspången, see map


Beneath Fyrisån’s glittering water surface hides everything from cigarette butts to food wrappers – far too much rubbish that then flows out into Lake Mälaren and contributes to the pollution of our watercourses. And finally also the sea. That is why one of Uppsala’s innovations at Hamnspången is now being tested: the rubbish trap. With the help of a compressor and a perforated hose on the bottom, an air bubble barrier is produced that lifts up and traps the debris that has ended up in the water. As an added bonus, the oxygen that is added counteracts both algal blooms and eutrophication. But what about the fish, you ask? Don’t worry, they swim safely and easily through the bubble barrier. By highlighting the bubbles that keep the sea clean, and actively working to raise visibility and awareness of the activity, the municipality hopes to influence people’s behaviour and attitudes. For illuminated bubbles be damned – the best thing is if the rubbish doesn’t end up in the water at all.

Lighting design: Uppsala municipality

Collaboration: Uppsala Municipality and Vattenfall, to shed light on environmental issues through innovative projects